Compound Sodium Chloride

PRODUCT NAME:Compound Sodium Chloride Injection

CONTIANS:0.85% Sodium Chloride, 0.03% Potassium Chloride and 0.033% Calcium Chlorid

PACKAGE: butyl rubber stopper and aluminium cap, polypropylene bottle

SHELF LIFT:36month


Indications: Dehydration caused by various reasons, including hyposmotic dehydration, isosmotic dehydration and hyperosmotic dehydration; hyperosmotic nonketonic coma; hypochloremic metabolic alkalosis.

Administration and dosage: (1) Venous infusion, dose given according to diseade condition and weight. Usual dose: 500~1000ml each time. (2) Hypochloremic alkalosis, dose given according to the alkalosis degree.

Contraindication: (1) Edematous disease, such as nephrotic syndrome, liver cirrhosis with ascites, congestive heart failure, acute left heart failure, encephaledema and idiopathic edema etc.

(2) Patients in oliguric stage of acute renal failure or hypourocrinia of chronic renal failure hyporeactive to uragogue.

(3) Hypertension, hyperkalemia.