10%、5% Glucose Injection

PRODUCT NAME:Dextrose Injection


PACKAGE:Poloypropylene   bottle;Non-PVC Bag;Glass  bottle

SHELF LIFT:36 month


(1) Used for supplement of energy and body liquid; used for the scarcity of feeding and body liquid caused by all cases (such as vomiting, diarrhea), intravenous hyperalimentation, ketosis;

(2) Hypoglycaemia;

(3) Hyperpotassemia;

(4) 50% Dextrose could be used as dehydrant for body tissue. ;

(5) Used for the preparation of peritoneum dialyszte;

(6) Used as medicine diluent;

(7) Used for the test of dosis tolerate of dextrose administered by phleboclysis;

(8) Used for the preparation of GIK.